Content Section One

  • Apply basic communications
  • Maintain a cleaning storage area
  • Plan for safe efficient cleaning activities
  • Participate in workplace safety arrangements
  • Contribute to workplace safety
  • Support leadership in the workplace

Content Section Two

  • Maintain a hard floor surface.
  • Restore a hard floor surface
  • Replace hard floor finish

Content Section Three

  • Maintain a carpeted floor
  • Identify carpet fibers and construction
  • Perform basic stain removal
  • Use water extraction
  • Use dry foam carpet shampoo
  • Use Bonnet cleaning

Content Section Four

  • Maintain furniture, fittings, room dressing
  • Wash furniture and fittings
  • Clean using pressure washing - incl. Clean graffiti
  • Clean glass surfaces

Content Section Five

  • Cleaning a food handling area
  • Clean wet areas
  • Sort and remove waste and recyclables
  • Clean ceiling surfaces and fittings

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This Book was Written

Specifically for:


As a learning resource to use during your formal/informal training. As a reference book to use throughout your cleaning career.


As a foundation source of accurate cleaning information that can be used as a guide throughout the delivery of the training. As an excellent professional development resource.


As a knowledge base for cleaning practice upon which they can base the development of their own customised assessment resources for the Trainee-ship in Cleaning Operations. As the primary learning resource for trainees during and after training.

  • As a cleaning 'base-standard', for use at all operational centres
  1. Characteristics of surfaces/ areas to be cleaned
  2. Descriptions and details of the:
    • equipment
    • tools
    • consumables
    • chemicals
    • PPE that may be required to clean the areas
  3. A generic cleaning process that follows the Learning Outcomes to simplify delivery and aid observational assessment. The processes also assist your trainers and trainees who may never have carried out some of out this work.